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Sweeter Hill is a family owned snow cone shop providing the best snowballs in Cedar Hill, Tx. There is a variety of flavors and plenty of add ons like cream, nerds, gummy bears, airhead extremes and more. From 1pm - 7pm on Tuesday through Sunday we are dedicated to giving out the best snowballs of your choice along with a free lollipop every time you visit and shop with us. 
Colorful Sips
Along with our colorful cups and spoons that intrigues our customers, we also have unique colorful straws to help sip the melted portion of your snowball. Enjoy every flavor in style.
Flavorful with every Pour
With our new containers that hold all of our syrups, we ensure you get more than enough syrup to satisfy your sweet tooth. 
As you're enjoying your snowball we will not only leave you with free candy, but don't miss out on our great merch to take home with you. Become apart of the snowflake community and show us off to grow around the world.

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